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Embracing Big Data Analysis

Posted On: May. 27, 2013

In the constant effort to reduce operational costs the availability of timely and detailed information is playing an ever more important role in providing the ability to derive optimization and subsequent cost savings. The successful analysis of large datasets, Big Data, is becoming an increasingly important factor in the competitiveness of corporations across all aspects of their business.

Therefore streamlining the collection, retention, flow and transparency of data through a corporation enables personnel in roles from Operators to Marketers to discover and capitalize on optimization opportunities. Further it can start to break down the boundaries between traditionally silo’d groups for cross discipline improvements.

For example flowing tag data from independent or disparate SCADA implementations into a Historian solution enables a company to start collecting and retaining a core of information on its assets and performance. Further integration between other industry tools for complimentary source data to reporting, forecasting and analytics packages open up additional avenues from which to evaluate and correlate.

Within a short period, predictive rather than reactive policies can be implemented based on trends. As an ever increasing repository of valuable data is accumulated with which to analyze a better informed management and decision making process can evolve.

Encouraging and embracing Big Data analysis will be the keen edge with which a savvy business can not only better understand itself but make the best decisions for its future longevity and competitiveness. 

Dave T