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The Future of SCADA - IT versus Automation

Posted On: Oct. 31, 2012

At Streamline, we recently conducted a survey about the future of SCADA.  A section of the survey focused on the relationship between IT/IS and the Automation world in the Canadian Oil and Gas industry.  This relationship was something we wanted to dig into because we have found it to be a complex and sometimes frustrating one that affected the projects we worked on in monumental ways.  It left us wondering how many other people in the industry have the same concerns.

The relationship between IT/IS and Automation was also of particular interest to us because at Streamline we work closely with both groups.  We get along well with both groups, we understand the needs and wants of both groups, and our survey results helped us realize that our position of understanding both sides is a rare thing.  The survey results also gave us the profound insight that both IT/IS and Automation have similar concerns about the industry and they provided similar comments about each other.  Most importantly, both groups feel as if they are treated as afterthoughts and cost centres within companies, and most SMEs in each area have no idea how to engage the other.  
In our survey discussions with industry experts, everyone agreed that the IT/IS and Automation relationship will have to improve if companies are going to be able to move forward and have success with the technology that is most definitely our immediate future.  Ask yourself:  how do we make this relationship work?  What are those future technologies that will require Automation and IT to work more closely together?  To learn more about the survey and the Future of SCADA Summary white paper, give us a call.  It really is the most current, leading edge information on what’s happening right now in the industry, and it will help you make the most informed decisions on what your next steps should be.  Oh, and we can help you with this whole IT/IS versus Automation thing too.
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