Streamline Control is excited to announce that we have been awarded the PI System convergence project by Plains (Plains All American and Plains Midstream Canada). This milestone marks a significant step in our ongoing partnership with Plains, which has been built over the past decade through our collaborations on numerous SCADA system upgrades. This new project will bring further integration of Operational Technology (OT) data into corporate applications and consolidate all of Plains’ PI systems into a central PI System.

The primary objective of the PI System convergence project is to merge the existing PI systems of Plains Midstream Canada and Plains All American into a centralized PI System for the entire company. This consolidation will be achieved by upgrading to the latest versions of AVEVA’s PI Historian software, ensuring a seamless transition and continued high performance.

The project is expected to bring numerous benefits to Plains and streamline their operational processes, such as:

  1. Single source of operational data: The consolidation of PI systems will result in a single source of operational data for the entire organization, ensuring that all teams have access to consistent and accurate information.
  2. Easier maintenance: A centralized PI System will simplify the maintenance process, reducing the time and resources required to keep the system up-to-date.
  3. Increased security: Centralizing the PI systems will allow for improved security measures, ensuring the protection of sensitive operational data and reducing potential vulnerabilities.
  4. Improved data analytics: A single, comprehensive PI System will facilitate advanced data analytics, allowing Plains to make better-informed decisions and drive operational excellence.
  5. Increased operational efficiencies: The streamlined PI System will enable teams across the organization to work more efficiently, improving collaboration and reducing the time spent searching for or validating data.
  6. Consistent tag naming across all facilities: The project will ensure consistent tag naming conventions across all Plains facilities, allowing for easier data management and retrieval.

Streamline is proud to have been chosen for the PI System Convergence project and is committed to delivering exceptional results for Plains. We are confident that the consolidation of the PI systems will provide significant benefits to the organization, ultimately driving increased efficiency and effectiveness throughout the company. This award further solidifies the strong partnership between Plains and Streamline and demonstrates our commitment to continuous innovation and collaboration.

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