We understand your challenges

We understand how critical your assets are to the success, safety and image of your organization. Our team has a proven track record of upgrading, enhancing and supporting mission critical real time control systems with zero incidents and minimal downtime.

The Streamline approach

We aren’t just a team of engineers and technologists but have operators and end users as part of our process. Our human centred focus allows us to build awesome operation technology solutions that make life easy on your controllers and operators.

At Streamline, we have a team of experts that can help guide you to ensure compliance with any set of regulations or standards. Whether it’s designing high performance HMI displays that comply with API 11.65, assistance with alarm rationalizations or ensuring your communication solutions comply with cyber security guidelines – we can help.

Additionally, since 2015 we have introduced an MQTT middleware into SCADA and real-time environments. This architecture is a paradigm shift away from traditional poll/response architectures. It provides many benefits, including reduced latency, provide more meaningful metadata and liberating orphaned data in the field.

The Streamline difference

We understand the complexities associated with SCADA systems
We know how to mitigate risks when upgrading systems to minimize the impact to existing operations
We are on the leading edge of architecting solutions that utilize middleware to future-proof your system
We are very familiar with the data that resides in operational technology and can apply that knowledge when assisting in the development of corporate solutions in the IT space

For Operations and Control Room, we provide

  • Real, practical and bullet proof SCADA solutions
  • SCADA and operational data solutions roadmaps, assessments and guidance
  • SCADA support for small, medium and large control rooms
  • Human centred high performance HMI display development
  • Assistance in testing, commissioning and cutover of SCADA projects
  • Control room compliance
  • Documentation, training and system support

Experience our difference.