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Controlling and monitoring renewable energy can be challenging due to the lack of proper software and solutions to ensure efficient operations. This, paired with the complexity of monitoring the various classes of distributed energy resources, such as solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, and biomass, can make the integration of any system a challenge. To be valuable, a system must leverage data to combine distributed monitoring equipment into one network, creating a complete grid visualization.

As the world strives for net zero emission, Streamline can help build the pathway through technology implementation. We understand the need for this new demand, and we can assist in building roadmaps to bring your organization to its ultimate goal. When you’re ready to integrate your various renewable assets into a smart SCADA or alarm management system, we can help.

The Streamline approach

At Streamline, we understand the importance of renewable energy and the role it plays now and in the future. We look into each unique organization and deploy solutions that will address challenges through effective, innovative strategies and methodologies, and transformational technologies.

Examples of use cases with middleware technology

  • Solar. Introducing SCADA to solar energy production can help solar operators access relevant data and improve operations.
  • Wind. Wind turbines paired with SCADA result in remote management. With the collected data, operators can pinpoint defects.
  • Ocean/Tidal. The turbines to develop ocean/tidal energy are those similar to wind. SCADA can provide the same benefits for this type of energy production.
  • Geothermal. Like other forms of renewable energy, geothermal systems can easily be managed and monitored remotely via system integration.
  • Biomass. Remote monitoring of coal-fired and other forms of production plants via technology integration is available through Streamline.

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