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Expensive, resource-intensive systems are challenging to manage, time-consuming and full of risks. We understand the complexities of installing and upgrading SCADA systems, and we work closely with your operations and SCADA teams to ensure all risks are mitigated.

We can help you with the full spectrum of upgrading or implementing a new SCADA system while simultaneously assist with the existing system to ensure smooth transitions. This method reduces costs, boosts efficiency and security.

With years of expertise and experience, we provide an exceptional delivery methodology and an unbroken track record in integration, display building, database building, point-to-point checkouts and cutovers.

What we do

We work with you to understand your challenges, provide guidance and advice to find the best solution, so you get the most out of your data and technology investments. Whether you have a solution in place or looking to expand or grow your current solutions, we have the right people and expertise for you.

We work with you to design and deliver the best architecture to meet your needs. With a focus on minimizing cost, your business goals are our priority while delivering the most capability. Our team of experts can help integrate your various projects or ecosystems into your environment.

We believe that any SCADA or control systems displays can be functional, high performing and beautiful. That’s why at Streamline we employ world class engineers, operators and designers to help you build out your operational interface.
We have decades of experience building and implementing top performing HMIs working with Ignition, AVEVA Enterprise SCADA, and FactoryTalk. Whether you’re looking for a new system, upgrading an existing one or for overall support and guidance, let us impress you.

Streamline has expertise in house that understand the end to end picture of the ecosystem. We are here to help you build robust data acquisition systems and help you organize, structure, and manage your operational data.

Our support services are here to maximize your investments further, including optimization and tuning, migration, upgrades, and administration, and provide general support for any technical issues that may occur.

AVEVA Enterprise SCADA

We can assist you with AVEVA Enterprise SCADA (formerly OASyS DNA) needs, including display building, database building, point-to-point checkouts and cutovers.

Streamline’s team has been working with OASyS since it was first launched in 1991. We have a deep understanding of the system, its architecture, and a proven track record of implementing these systems. Our team has worked on these systems without incident for pipeline monitoring, electrical distribution. Let us help you plan, integrate, support or enhance your AVEVA ecosystem.

Ignition! by Inductive Automation

At Streamline, we have a team of experts ready to help you with your Ignition! SCADA platform. Our Gold Certified engineers and technologists can help you build scalable, maintainable and cost-effective solutions to meet your business goals.


Our SparxMQ driver publishes contextualized data from the Enterprise SCADA (OASyS) system using Sparkplug-B to make this data available to the enterprise through the middleware layer.

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