Drive your business forward

In this increasingly competitive market, today’s organizations are pressured to radically transform by changing behaviours and capabilities.

We understand the challenges you’re facing, and we’re here to help you build a strong framework as a roadmap to achieve business transformation.

Streamline’s tactical approach in business transformation paired with our best in class delivery will pivot your organization to a new tomorrow. With a well-rounded, collaborative experience, Streamline is your go-to for the greatest digital transformation experience.

The Streamline approach

Successful transformations require holistic changes in how a business operates. This may include human resources, processes, and technology. These changes help organizations compete more effectively, become more efficient, or make a meaningful impact.

At Streamline, we will guide you through the entire transformation journey.

Strategic Planning

We will start our journey with the strategic planning process to assess where you are today, where you want to be in the future and how we can get there. This is an important first step in our transformation journey as it brings clarity, direction and focuses on reaching your vision. Together, we will define the vision through facilitated workshops that follow a proven approach.

Strategic planning is a critical start in the digital transformation process. It supports the direction and alignment for other critical roadmaps like the business/capability, introduction to new technology, and other data roadmaps.

Assessment & Staging

Preparation is the key to success. The next step in our journey is assessment and staging, where we do a complete evaluation to identify potential headwinds and the organization’s readiness to transform. This preparation stage will help avoid costly restarts and drive our transformation journey at a higher speed.

Roadmap Development

For any transformation to be successful, all roadmaps must be aligned to achieve the strategic vision. The roadmaps required to support transformation include capability, technology and data strategy roadmaps. Streamline will assess these and confirm they are aligned, and where they do not exist, we will help you develop them to achieve success.

Portfolio Design & Management

The next step in our journey is portfolio design and management to identify a tactical approach to build a balanced portfolio that maximizes your organization’s investments and achieves the strategic vision.

An organization’s portfolio is a sequenced collection of projects, programs or solutions managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives. Once executed, these are the initiatives to move your organization through the transformational stages and implement the strategies defined in your strategic vision.

Operational Excellence & Value Realization

This is where the rubber hits the road. With Streamline on your team, we will execute the plans and roadmaps to get to our finish line, a brand new tomorrow. Together, we will execute strategies and tactics to help the organization achieve operational excellence and value realization. We will also develop a sustainable transition plan to drive up adoption and ensure that the successes are sustainable and permanent. Additionally, Streamline will design and implement scorecards with KPIs to allow business leaders and managers to continue and monitor these strategies’ success. 

Best in Class Delivery

We have developed a delivery framework to stage, plan, execute and transition projects and programs into action and achieve full value realization.

Our successful track records and deep industry expertise puts us in a unique position to help you choose and implement the right technology and solutions to address the most complex and critical challenges. Whether through faster cloud migration, getting the most out of your technology investments or making the most of your data through applied intelligence, we are here to drive your business forward with the best in class delivery.

Technology Implementation

Transformations are often enabled through strategies that involve technology and data. Streamline brings expertise to the project in most related areas, including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions (SCADA), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), operational data, communications and many more. We connect the business problems with the right technology.

Streamline’s technology implementation services help reinvent organizations and build business value thanks to industry-specific technology architecture, as well as cost-efficient and flexible cloud and data solutions.

Start your journey with us.