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Do you value creative collaboration in your workplace with enthusiasm for innovation? Are you ready for your skills and efforts to be recognized and have your ideas forged into existence?

When you join Streamline, you join forces with an award-winning team of exceptional engineers, computer scientists, operators, project managers, and designers who band together to push transformative solutions in the OT, IIoT, and SCADA spaces.

Current Opportunities

We’re seeking these highly talented and driven individuals to become part of our difference:

SCADA Developer

PI Specialist

Enterprise SCADA Specialist

SCADA Telecommunications Specialist

Junior SCADA Engineer

Junior Controls Engineer

Intermediate Controls Engineer

We want our team members to feel comfortable and cared for.

That’s why we offer a benefits package that checks all the boxes.

Flexible work arrangements

We want your talent to be accessible, which is why our employees can decide to work from home, in the office, or a combination of both.

Work/life policy

We recognize that Streamliners are parents, workers, spouses, friends, colleagues, and volunteers with obligations and interests.

Our work/life balance policy entitles our team members to 4 weeks of core vacation hours annually, flex days, annual bonuses, and sick days.

Health insurance

✓ Fully covered healthcare (medical, dental, vision)

Medical, vision, and dental plans for team members and their families.

Life & disability insurance

Life tends to throw curveballs. Relax knowing your loved ones will always be taken care of with guaranteed life, long-term disability, and short-term disability earnings.

Health & wellness savings accounts

We contribute an annual fixed amount that you can allocate into your HSA and WSA accounts for expenses not covered by insurance.

Hear from the team

Shortly after Streamline hired me in February 2021, I had to go back home to Romania for personal reasons. As a new employee, I wasn’t sure if it would be acceptable to leave like that, but the leadership team was very understanding. The remote work arrangement enabled me to work from Europe which allowed me to spend time with family – a great work life balance. We spent the holidays with family while continuing to work, which helped with expenses.

After a couple of months, conflicts in Europe began, so we decided to move away to Spain from Romania. My work schedule was flexible, and management scheduled meetings to accommodate the time difference. We had a wonderful time enjoying the surroundings during the day and starting work during the afternoons. I felt recharged by the time I had to start work.

I will always be grateful for the understanding and flexibility I found in Streamline – it allowed us to spend precious time with family and share Spanish culture, food, and language with our son.

Gabriela Firan

Prior to joining the team, I was employed in the telecommunications field for over 15 years. In 2014, I was fortunate to join Streamline Control and haven’t looked back.

The Streamline team is very collaborative and inclusive. I feel welcomed and part of the team since day one. We work on a great variety of projects and I am constantly being challenged while growing my knowledge base. Making the cross-over into a new industry meant the learning curve was enormous. However, I was introduced to the latest technology and was provided with mentoring, guidance, and support from the entire Streamline team.

My role here has been very enriching. While Streamline takes enormous pride in being a small business leader and providing IIoT solutions, they also value their employees and put great emphasis on work/life/family balance. I’m grateful to be employed by a company that provides flexibility during the work week to ensure I never miss out on any family/school/sporting commitments.

Michael Simpkin


Since joining Streamline, I’ve learned a lot and have been encouraged to learn all I can. Even more, I have been encouraged to pursue and take charge of the topics that interest me most through independent study, official training, and the invaluable insight shared by the rest of Streamline’s knowledgeable team.

Lauren Galloway


Joining Streamline in 2020 was the best career move I’ve made to date. I was able to transition into my new role seamlessly and comfortably while learning an abundance of new skills and knowledge, thanks to the teachings and guidance of the Streamline team. Watching Streamline grow into the company it is today has been an adventure, and I look forward to welcoming many new talented team members to be part of it.

Kim Schmidt

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We believe in transforming businesses beyond technology, and we know that Streamline would not be what it is today without our dedicated team.

We are always on the lookout for more highly talented team members! Tell us about yourself and why you would like to join the Streamline team.

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