Achieve success with comprehensive analytics

Your success requires having the right tools: Flow Software provides a flexible data model, a powerful calculation engine, and an open information hub to ensure scalable and effective manufacturing analytics.

The Streamline approach

Streamline Control’s partnership with Flow Software aims to revolutionize operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making in the energy and utilities markets. By integrating our expertise in SCADA systems with Flow’s intuitive analytics platform, companies can transform their data into actionable insights. This collaboration highlights both our commitment to maximizing client efficiency and operational excellence.

Why Flow?

Flow connects and ingests data from a wide variety of sources, including industrial historians, IoT platforms, SQL and NoSQL databases, and real-time systems. This ensures seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

Flow’s transformation pipeline enriches data with time and model context, enabling complex calculations and aggregations for actionable insights. With built-in contextualization and calculation services, Flow ensures your data is accurate and relevant.

Flow’s browser-based reporting and dashboard tools provide comprehensive visibility into your operations. Configured with visualization best practices, these tools help users at all levels make informed decisions.

Flow also acts as a bridge, connecting your operational data to analytics-ready information. With an industry-standard REST API and integration components, Flow ensures real-time data publishing to other systems, enhancing overall data accessibility and usability.

Flow’s modular system supports various deployment architectures, from simple on-premise setups to complex enterprise-wide solutions. This flexibility ensures that Flow can meet your specific needs and scale as your operations grow.

Flow acts as a centralized hub for your data, allowing you to unify and manage it by collecting, combining, and normalizing data from multiple sources, providing a single source of truth. It leverages a powerful calculation engine and flexible data model for scalable analytics, enabling your business to grow without compromising performance.

With Flow, you gain real-time insights through data visualizations presented via charts and dashboards, facilitating informed decision-making. Additionally, Flow ensures security and standardization by offering a secure, standardized data model applicable across multiple sites.


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