We understand your challenges

Smart City initiatives have been met with various roadblocks, including physical infrastructure limitations and proper solutions to capture and analyze data efficiently.

As most of these initiatives rely on taxpayers’ dollars, public trust is imperative for implementing these initiatives. There must be potential for sustainability, improved quality of life, an upsurge in employment, economic growth, and public transparency. In addition to this, physical adaptations to the existing municipality framework and relevant data solutions must be executed to ensure functionality.

We understand your challenges; Streamline Control can build solutions to meet and address these complex challenges through SCADA, IoT, and Communications such as LoRaWAN, a technology that enables IoT data collection over low power and low bandwidth network. LoRaWAN is a cost-effective and scalable way to enable data collection and monitoring on devices that have been traditionally offline or dark.

The Streamline approach

At Streamline, we work with our clients to understand their current state and offer recommendations on support and hosting options. All solutions we implement can be provided as a managed service, client-hosted and managed product, or a combination of both.

Use Cases

Revolutionizing Waste Collection in a Bustling North American City

A city home to over 1.3 million people boasts a vibrant urban environment that perfectly blends cosmopolitan life and natural beauty. However, like many other urban spaces, this city struggled with a challenge – practical waste management.

Examples of other use cases with middleware technology

  • Grids. An IoT framework can be used to remotely monitor and manage devices connected through smart grids in citywide businesses and homes, such as meters, sensors, street lighting, and even early detection of disturbances.
  • Waste management. Reduced traffic build-up and increased efficiency through real-time data monitoring fullness of trash bins and outlining the best pick up routes.
  • Air quality. Detect pollutants in the air and inform users via push applications on Smart devices or indicator light.

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