The Streamline approach

Streamline has been working on real-time control systems for over 40 years and has a team of experts that understands all IIoT pyramid layers. We have an unbroken track record of projects that leverage a middleware architecture for real-time control environments. We deliver, every time!

Using an MQTT middleware data architecture, Streamline has helped future-proof the digital transformation journey for our clients by providing access to superior quality and previously untapped real-time data that is now accessible organization-wide with a holistic approach from start to finish. Uniquely, this architecture can be built without touching existing production/SCADA systems meaning little to no downtime to the organization.

How we can help

At the heart of Streamline’s MQTT middleware solution is a data broker that captures data from edge devices and efficiently routes pertinent data to specific applications that want to ingest this specific data providing multiple benefits:

  • Reduced latency: MQTT middleware architecture frees-up communications infrastructure, allowing field devices to publish data to corresponding applications and control systems in seconds instead of minutes.
  • Access untapped data: Data is no longer stranded inside clogged networks or edge devices. Middleware architecture allows data to flow freely and efficiently from edge devices to the data broker and directly to the applications that need it.
  • Reduced cost: MQTT-enabled SCADA systems can scale cost-effectively with modern licensing agreements that allow operators to buy only what they need. Upgrades for MQTT-enabled systems are typically 30% less expensive than prevailing licensing models.
  • Reduced risk: Critical leak alarm thresholds can be reduced by up to 50%, meaning fewer false alarms and faster responses to real events.
  • Increased security: Use of active control lists (ACLs), encrypted data, and outbound-only connections from edge devices decrease cybersecurity risk to the overall system. Middleware architecture provides an added security level as applications are decoupled from the SCADA system reducing the number of open firewall ports needed to only one single port.

What we do

We build practical, structured, cost-effective IIoT solutions that fit in your current ecosystems.

  1. Design effective solutions that leverage your current assets
  2. Build roadmaps for your existing data assets to help you budget, plan and implement the new technology
  3. Construct meaningful, actionable and clean data pipelines from your operation data assets
  4. Build fast minimal viable products (MVPs) to solve any operational challenges

Get the technology that works for you.