From field to boardroom

Ignition by Inductive Automation is a powerful and cost-effective real-time solution that can be structured and built in a way that offers data collection, dashboarding, mobile applications, and customized reporting, along with high performance HMIs and SCADA.

The Streamline approach

As award-winning Premier Integrators, Streamline has extensive experience using Ignition with Ignition Edge to liberate operational siloes and connect the field to the boardroom in a robust, reliable, and meaningful way.

We leverage modern SCADA platforms and IIoT architectures with Ignition to begin to instantly view and utilize operational data. Our Gold Certified engineers and technologists can help you build scalable, maintainable and cost-effective solutions to meet your business goals.


Success Stories

MQTT and Ignition Solution Exceeds Legacy SCADA System, Enhances Operational Excellence

A SCADA Upgrade Success Story
It’s no surprise that upgrading technology can be daunting. SCADA has been in force in the oil and gas industry since the late 1960s...

Ignition can be used as…

A full stack SCADA, HMI, Dashboarding, and Mobile solution is here with the Inductive platform.

Our team has built cost effective, scalable, and maintainable Ignition! solutions using Ignition! Edge and Perspective that provide real-time and historical data to different operational or enterprise groups and areas.

A solution where a data point change at the Edge is automatically reflected is possible. We’re here to help.

Streamline has successfully implemented Ignition into an MQTT-based architecture, securely unlocking business units and assets, and giving businesses the ability to make meaningful decisions off of contextualized data.

We work hand-in-hand with Cirrus-Link’s team to deliver MQTT based data acquisition solutions and architectures.

Our team of experts have deployed thousands of Edge Nodes that help organizations structure, contextualize, and automate operational data from different technology siloes and processes.

Our team has used Ignition Edge to integrate siloed databases, ingest documents and PDFs, interface to different industrial platforms such as PLCs and DCS’, and securely push out data using a variety of mechanisms, such as MQTT, OPC UA, or Azure IoT, or into Cloud platforms such as Azure or AWS.

Ignition is a powerful and cost effective solution that helps your organization liberate siloed data.

Our team builds comprehensive SCADA Solutions using Ignition, whether you’re leveraging a traditional pull-response architecture or an IoT/MQTT architecture.

Our team has successfully implemented these types of projects for midstream and energy organizations.

Ignition is a powerful operational visualization tool that can allow your organization to adopt meaningful, contextualized, high performance HMI graphics.

When working with Streamline, our team is not only a group of passionate engineers, but designers and end-users that enable your organization to build beautiful and operational interfaces.

Our team works with Perspective or Vision to enable your high performance HMI.

Are you ready to extend operational data beyond the control room and into the hands of your maintenance, instrumentation, and support personnel?

Ignition allows us to unify operational data into meaningful, responsive displays. Whether that’s accessible through an industrial panel, web browser, or mobile application, our team of experts is here to do this.

Use Cases

Modernizing Data Gathering and HMI Platform for a Data Van

A fracking company operating a data van to collect data from their fracking equipment sought to replace the obsolete platform with a more efficient, modern solution.

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