The Team

Peter Boyle
Chief Operating Officer
Jeremiah Hannley
Chief Technology Officer
Tom Chenier
Director, Ignition & IIoT Middleware
Ian Purdy
Director, Communications & Cybersecurity
Dan Lozie
Director, Analytics & Machine Learning
Keith Hawkes
Director, Enterprise SCADA
Matthew Vana
Director, Historians & Business Intelligence
Catherine Lee-Hannley
Director, Brand and Marketing

The Streamline difference

We understand the challenges you’re facing and the pressure to do more with less from your stakeholders. We’re here for you.

Streamline Control was founded in 2011 in Calgary, Alberta. We have over a decade of experience with a 100% success rate in delivering modern industrial control systems using IIoT and best-in-class operational technologies. Our team of experts and specialists will guide and support you no matter how big or small your project is.

At Streamline, we believe in getting the most out of your technology investments by using effective strategies and delivery methods and we can help you control costs, perform better business decisions, and align your strategic vision with day-to-day operations.

We are proud of the excellence that is delivered in each project. When you choose Streamline, you are choosing a collaborative experience from beginning to end.


Start your journey with us.