We understand your challenges

In a heavily regulated industry like the utility industry, technology implementations or advancements can be costly, time-consuming and mired with red tapes. We understand your challenges, and this is where Streamline can help you plan and carefully calculate every step of your digital transformation journey to ensure success. Whether you’re looking to improve your current technology investments to make the most out of them or you’re ready to invest in new solutions, we’re here to help.

We understand that your business’s main focus is the end consumers, and they want simple, reliable, and safe utilities with a low price tag. Streamline’s unbroken track record in implementing Industrial IoT and SCADA solutions can help you meet and exceed business demands.

The Streamline approach

We will deliver the results through time-tested methodologies and practices, enhance business decision-making, curb costs, maximize revenue, and achieve the strategic vision.

Examples of use cases with middleware technology

  • Water. Track water pressure and monitor potential leaks with real-time IoT sensors, as well as gather important insights and data to help future proof any water utility organization.
  • Electricity. Develop data-driven asset management strategies that promote cost-effectiveness and boost performance and better decision-making through an IoT framework.
  • Natural gas. Communicate natural gas geographical information from connected devices and deliver information to operators and supervisors on a real-time basis via IoT-enabled machines.
  • Sewage and sanitation. Wastewater flowing through sewer lines can be monitored remotely via IoT technologies such as applications and web platforms, allowing for the collection of data that can be accessed and visualized anywhere to ensure early identification of sewage overflow along with its majoring factors.

Experience the transformation.