The power of data

Understanding and having access to the right data at the right time is a powerful driving force to move your business forward. We build solutions to help organizations gain meaningful and actionable insights through their existing data assets and stay ahead of the curve.


OSISoft PI is the gold standard in the operational data system. Streamline has end-to-end expertise around these systems. We understand how the data is stored, visualize your assets, and help build comprehensive data acquisition frameworks around your PI solution. Whether you’re looking for help building PI Vision dashboards, building an asset framework or for support, let our PI team help you.

Ignition! by Inductive Automation

Ignition! demonstrates the best practices and experience of SCADA that can be applied to the enterprise to do data collection, dashboarding, mobile applications, and customized reporting. Ignition! as a SCADA solution can be cost effective, scalable, and solve many industry challenges.

AVEVA Enterprise SCADA

We can assist you with AVEVA Enterprise SCADA (formerly OASyS DNA) needs, including display building, database building, point-to-point checkouts and cutovers.

Using MQTT infrastructure, Streamline can save an estimated 30% on time and 40% on costs over non-MQTT based architectures.

The Streamline approach

At Streamline, we don’t do cookie-cutter solutions. We care about your business and your long-term success. We take the time to understand your needs and challenges to deliver best-fit solutions and achieve operational excellence.

Our operational data specialists provide best in class delivery in an agile and cost-effective way to build solutions that allow organizations to access and visualize real-time data. This allows businesses to leverage their data assets and make important decisions in a meaningful way.

Discover the power of data.