The oil and gas industry has been struggling with making stranded field data available to corporate applications for several years. With an MQTT-enabled system, SCADA bandwidth reductions can free-up space to liberate stranded data.

We are delighted to reveal that a large Canadian midstream oil company has engaged us to migrate their serial SCADA communications infrastructure to MQTT middleware.

This migration involves close to 1,000 edge nodes with Ignition Edge! installed. Communications use both /RBE to Aveva’s Enterprise SCADA (OASyS) and Sparkplug-B to corporate applications. Business drivers include reduced latency from all field devices (sub 2 seconds) and reducing SCADA bandwidth to enable reporting of currently stranded data back to non-SCADA applications.

It’s a significant step for any organization to transform its technology. Making technology changes in an organization is vital to surviving in this economic climate; the number of businesses acknowledging and tackling this challenge is climbing.

With over 7 years of experience transforming legacy SCADA networks to utilize MQTT middleware, the Streamline team is privileged to be working alongside a notable Canadian organization where we can exhibit our difference through assisting them with their transformational journey.

In these types of projects, Streamline’s data specialists generate strategic and tactical plans customized to our client’s business, enhancing operational efficiencies and staying ahead of the competition. We believe in understanding each unique organization, its business needs and functions and engaging in a collaborative experience from start to finish. This type of technology ecosystem provides a platform you can leverage in your digital transformation journey.

This MQTT architecture can help any organization release data currently stranded in the field and transform it into an asset.