Harnessing the power of industrial analytics is the golden ticket in today’s businesses, acting as the master key that unlocks operational efficiency, paves the way for game-changing predictive maintenance, and drives profitability in an ever-evolving, competitive landscape.

CALGARY, AB (June 22, 2023) — In an age where data is the new currency, most organizations need help tapping into the wealth of information they accumulate through their operational systems. Understanding and unleashing the true potential of this data goldmine is key to harnessing enhanced performance and optimized operations.

Streamline Control is an industrial automation technology company headquartered in Calgary, AB, Canada. Dedicated to providing solutions and educating organizations about the value of analytical applications, Streamline has recently expanded its services to include industrial analytics services. Operational efficiency may become the standard rather than merely a goal, with Streamline’s focus on bridging the knowledge gap paving the way for a data-driven future.

Data silos, complex data engineering, uncertainty of analytical solutions, and difficulties of implementing machine learning can hinder companies from leveraging their data. As a result, they are left grappling with unmet demand or supply expectations, inefficient operations, or an inability to predict and prevent failures.

Data engineering also presents a challenge due to the need for different data architectures and formats in business intelligence and analytics. Even if data is prepared for business intelligence, it may not be suitable for analytics, impeding accurate decision-making. To fully realize the potential of analytics, organizations often require additional support that considers both the value and practicality of the technology.

“Our goal is to empower organizations to unlock the true value of their operational data,” said Peter Boyle, Chief Operating Officer at Streamline Control. “Our team recognizes these challenges and is adept at addressing them. We can transform these obstacles into opportunities for improvement and growth through our new industrial analytics services. We are committed to helping organizations realize the latent value in their data, use it to optimize their operations, and gain a competitive edge in their industry.”

Streamline Control provides organizations with a comprehensive analytics solution to optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Their advanced tools and methodologies generate actionable insights by identifying hidden patterns, trends, and anomalies. To learn more about Streamline Control, visit their website at streamlinecontrol.com.