Revolutionize your data analysis

Unlock the full potential of your data with our new module that integrates advanced charting technology into Ignition.

What is Super Chart?

With advanced features like complex overlays, drawing tools, and gradient customization, create detailed and visually appealing charts.

Super Chart transforms data visualization and analysis, making it more efficient, intuitive, and visually engaging.

Transform data visualization with chart integration

In a traditional Ignition chart, we often see performance issues, limited features, basic visuals, and slow update times. These charts struggle with slow rendering and lag, especially when handling large datasets, and lack advanced features like complex overlays, customizable gradients, and drawing tools. The visuals are often standard and uninspiring, making data interpretation challenging. On top of it all, significant delays in real-time data updates can hinder timely decision-making.

With our Super Chart solution, you will get superior performance, comprehensive charting options, a rich feature set, and enhanced visuals that transform your data analysis and monitoring experience.

Unleash the Power of Advanced Charting

Lightning-Fast Rendering: Handle even the largest datasets effortlessly with SciChart’s optimized engine.


Instantaneous Updates: Achieve real-time data updates without lag, ensuring you always work with the latest information.

Complex Overlays: Easily add multiple data series, trend lines, and custom annotations to your charts.

Drawing Tools: Utilize advanced drawing tools for creating slope lines, markers, and custom shapes directly on your charts.

Gradient Customization: Apply sophisticated gradient fills to your data series, enhancing visual appeal and clarity.

2D and 3D Capabilities: Choose from a wide variety of 2D and 3D chart types to best represent your data.

Highly Customizable: Tailor every aspect of your charts, from colors and themes to axis labels and legend placements.

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